Adorable Animals That Can Brighten Up Any Grumpy Day

u201cI am a cruel monster!u201drn

This happily smiling lioness beats the world-famous Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile.rn

u201cMy dog can see out to the sidewalk in the reflection of my crystal ball, so he watches for people and cars, but it looks like heu2019s seeing the future.u201drn

u201cIt was a cruel prank, buddy...u201drn

Cat-style photobombrn

u201cI work at a cat shelter. These are the u2018Can we keep him?u2019 photos I sent to my partner. It worked.u201drn

When you are as bright as the sun inside (and out):rn

u201cThis dog extended his paw toward us as we walked by his gate.u201drn

u201cI love you to the fireplace and back.u201drn

u201cMe and my u2018parrotu2019 Roxyu201drn


Say u201cHi!u201drn


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