Famous Movie Scenes Before And After Special Effects (Part 1)

No, Hollywood movies don’t usually set the actors on fire.

© Deadpool / 20th Century Fox Click to Flip

Who’s a good boy?

© The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / Summit Entertainment Click to Flip

stormy day may start out green and bright.

© Godzilla / Warner Brothers Click to Flip

It’s like space is just a room away...

© Gravity / Warner Brothers Click to Flip

That said, I’m sure one day we’ll make it through the looking glass.

© Alice in Wonderland / Disney Click to Flip

So, you’re saying you shouldn’t go out and pet tigers?

© Life of Pi / Fox 2000 Click to Flip

It’s never been this easy to get to the seashore.

© Boardwalk Empire / HBO Click to Flip

You’d think they’d use a green screen to get to Emerald City but to each his own.

© Oz the Great and Powerful / Disney Click to Flip

The most impressive part is how the pillow and wall changed color.

© The Dark Knight / Warner Brothers Click to Flip

Now, if we could just find a way to actually travel back in time to the 20's...

© The Great Gatsby / Warner Brother Click to Flip


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