Genius Inventions to Make Your Life Better This Year

HiMirror : tracks your skin conditions, and gives you tips to make it better .


KiiPix instant photo printer for your phone


Tetra Countertop: A dream dishwasher that washes dishes in under 15 minutes, and also looks stylish .

Snack bowl with a phone stand for a night inrn

© aliexpress

TAP wearable device, that will change your idea about a keyboard and mouse -it has 5 out of 5 stars from its users.


Lemoniere by PELEG Design -treat your salad like a garden!

© chbncmarket

Self-cleaning fish tank with micro greens .

© backtotheroots

Clever tongs to grab your food in a new way .


With Cooluli mini beauty refrigerator All your delicate serums and creams are safely stored at the correct temperature .

© urbanoutfitters


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